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Brand On The Move

Direct Merchandising Group or DMG is a unique business that has a proven track record in gaining market share for a leading brand within both the Formal and Informal markets of South Africa. DMG were one of the front runners to enter into the Informal markets and Rural areas with a view to provide product knowledge, market intelligence and create a movable sales team to provide customers with convenient and easy access to one of the most sought after commodities.

DMG involves itself in many facets of making your brand work for you. Our national teams are trained specialists in taking a product from an idea to brand awareness to effective customer launch. Our professional staff are business orientated and have hands on experience on ensuring that your brand is working for you, we provide up to date, real time information on your product.

DMG are currently at the forefront of business within the Informal and Rural communities and offer a national footprint. We pride ourselves on owning a specialised skills set that pertains to the Informal market.

Building tomorrow, today, through performance excellence,

for future generations.

How We Got On The Move

How We Got On The Move

DMG are an outsource company founded in 2002 by being awarded the MTN Formal Market Merchandising Contract. Field Merchandisers were exposed to Branded and Retail Store merchandising dealing with distribution and display of point of sale, countrywide. Professional Field Marketers were responsible for the efficient execution of point of sale enhancing the client’s company image by way of focussing on the Brand with the intention of increasing sales. Each Field Marketer reported on the placement of point of sale and the visual effects of the clients corporate image by way of tailor made, real time data which gave the client immediate access to his brand. Merchandising was then expanded into the Informal market to give the brand more exposure and correct the visual image.

In 2004 DMG worked with MTN to roll out their new Corporate Identity. Field Marketers were tasked with taking photographs of each and every store that sold MTN products. Photographs were uploaded and new images were created for the Merchandisers to brand. This came in the way of supervising new signage installations, painting stores yellow in the informal and rural areas around SA, signing off store layouts with shopping centre management, placing of new point of sale and signing off store completions. Over 16 000 stores were signed off by DMG within a year.

In 2007 DMG launched a project together with MTN into the Informal market called Yello Zone. This was an ingenious move to bring Communication to the People. DMG expanded its services and employed 2500 “Zoners” to accommodate this initiative. One of the focuses of the project was to assist previously disadvantaged individuals who were looking for employment. DMG and MTN made this possible as these were jobs that were accessible to them mainly due to the fact that they were employed in the areas where they lived. This initiative has offered employment opportunities to many people in the outlying rural areas.

The Zone initiative has many management tiers that provide continual support and training, to the Zoners who are working in the Informal and rural communities. Performance is top of mind hence we have a team support consisting of 25 Head Office Staff, 10 Regional Managers, 12 Senior Zone Managers, 136 Zone Managers and 10 Administrators. All teams are supplied with laptops and cellphones making the communication as quick and efficient as possible. Immediate access to On line reporting is vital to the success of the project to enable us to monitor sales, determine training needs, all which allows DMG Management to be very proactive in a short space of time.

Zoners were initially introduced as MTN touch points. Zoners now proudly promote communication through the MTN range of product and services by initiating product training, imparting product knowledge with the primary focus on airtime sales, sim activations, educating customers, creating brand awareness and increasing market share on behalf of MTN.

Always on the move

Allways on the move

DMG’S internal Human Resources and Training Divisions are constantly in action. Many man hours are dedicated to the full spectrum of HR. We are an equal opportunity company and are committed to investing in the future growth and skills development of all staff. Many DMG staff have experienced a career path which has turned into well earned success stories.

Our Training division is always on the move. Our Trainers train at the workstations of employees giving them assistance in the field and constantly reinforcing product information. The hands on approach assists individuals to experience personal interface with DMG.

DMG Trainers ensure that each new recruit is put through a thorough induction process. New employees are given insight into the company and they are familiarised with company policies and procedures. Skills and Gap assessments are conducted on a quarterly basis to establish and identify training requirements. DMG applies the “Train the Trainer” concept whereby DMG utilise successful individuals to internally assist new employees with their training needs.








Bringing communication to pre-paid customers by using a face to face customer service and value add approach.






Mission statement

Mission statement




DMG is niche business operating in all spheres of the market place with a special emphasis in the Informal and Rural communities. We are committed to adding value for the benefit of the brand with a view to increase revenues. We endeavour to remain flexible and innovative at all times.

Who are our movers and shakers

DMG has a Head Office of exceptional staff who are involved in Finance, Operations, Systems, Training and Development, Human Resources, Payroll, Sales and Legal. Staff are multi-tasked and engage in continual interaction with our regional offices and field staff which creates an impressive synergy.

DMG are a BEE compliant company and our most recent 2012/2013 BBBEE Code, assessed by Empowerdex , have scored DMG as a Level 4 contributor.


    Chief Executive

    Craig has an extremely hands on approach and manages the business from both a financial and strategic viewpoint. He is a practising Attorney and owned and managed his own practise for 15 years. Craig graduated from Wits University and has a post graduate degree in Company Law. Craig took over the role of CEO at DMG in 2008 and has contributed largely to its success since that time.


    Executive Director

    Monique was one of the founder members of DMG. She comes with many years experience within the Telecommunications and Cellular industries. Her career spans from Sales to Marketing to various Management positions. Monique brings vast amounts of experience within the cellular industry and currently holds the position of Director: Administration within DMG.



    Reggie has a higher education in Marketing. Originally from FemPower, where he held a management position managing the Call Centre Operation and then moved to DMG during our first year of operation. Reggie worked through the ranks proving himself in all he puts his mind to. He runs a large successful team and offers strengths in relationship building. Reggie holds the position of Regional Manager, Gauteng 1.


    Executive Director

    Gillian was one of the founder members of DMG. Gillian brings experience in Public Relations, Marketing & Communications within the Finance industry. She also ran her own Recruitment business for 5 years and currently holds the position of Communications Director. Her strength lies in her ability to communicate with our people.



    Having completed his articles as an Attorney, Itsing joined DMG 2009 in the Human Resources department. His skills and dedication were quickly recognised and although he is heavily involved with our HR he also works together with the CEO co-managing a number of crucial portfolios within DMG. Itsing contributes to all facets of the business from hands on management to strategic rollouts.



    Jacqui joined DMG at their inception and has covered a number of portfolios from Administration, Communication, Recruitment. She was a Regional Manager for 2 years and National Manager for a further year. She has an abundant wealth of knowledge in systems, recruitment, administration, staff management and HR. Jacqui’s background has been mainly working in Financial Institutions, which she did for 20 years. With her vast experience she is often utilized in areas where immediate action needs to be undertaken.



    Branican has a Diploma in Marketing Management and began his career at DMG 9 years ago. Branican has worked his way through the ranks of DMG from merchandising to being a huge contributor to the success of MTN’s corporate rollout. Branican manages a large team of Informal staff and also holds the position of Regional Manager, Gauteng 2. He is a progressive contributor to knowledge sharing at DMG.

DMG Head Office is based at the Pivot offices in Monte Casino, Fourways, Gauteng. Regional Offices are located in Gauteng, Cape Town, KZN, Vryheid, Port Elizabeth, East London, Free State, Mpumalanga and Limpopo.

The Management team at DMG are exceptionally well focused. Collectively the team display an enormous wealth of knowledge. Responsibility and accountability is the key to our success. Each Region runs autonomously and each manage their teams accordingly.

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Do you want your brand on the move?

The challenges of the fast paced evolving industries and Informal markets in South Africa provide a very competitive platform for most companies to succeed in. DMG can assist with making your brand a frontrunner in this constantly challenged environment. DMG staff can compliment your Brand by assisting in getting your "Sales to be on the Move". DMG bring experience, real time market intelligence and an understanding of "where to from here".

We have specialist knowledge of the Informal market and are capable of providing your brand with a unique insight and professional guidance , including market intelligence advice, HR support, sales and marketing in this challenging and exciting market.

  • She was in the fortunate position to complete construction of their family home in Mkuze. This included floor tiles and basic living essentials like a bed, stove and fridge. As a single mother, she now takes pride in being able to clothe her daughter and herself with "NEW" clothing. (No more hand-me-down clothes). She can now look forward in providing her child with a basic educational upbringing, which she was deprived of.

    Fikile Nozi Msimango

  • DMG has helped me a lot as I am in a wheelchair and was jobless, I now have a job and can sustain my family. Thank u DMG for helping me.

    Derrick Ubisa

  •  The Difference DMG Has Made In My Life

    Before I came in this company. I was working in Markhams, there I was earning R1500 a month, I could not take care of my family, since I came to DMG I have been able to take care of the family even buying luxury thing such as component systems, plasma tv. Since I have started working in this company I have always been able to make targets because I have personal targets I want to achieve.Every year my personal targets must improve from the previous year. Special thanks to my Mobile Zoner who it not only a manager but also a Father figure, he pushes me everyday to improve. THANKS TO DIRECT MERCHANDISING GROUP.

    Xolani Ngesi

  • Ever since I have worked for DMG, I have managed to pull out (organize) a white wedding which will take place in December and have paid the Labola in full, and I also have decent place to stay.

    Mziyanda Thuzana

  • She said DMG has changed her life completely, she has been with DMG for a long time and there has been lot of changes, positive changes based on salary structure, trainings, incentives. She now see where she is going, she is able to take care of the family herself. She is so happy to work for DMG and thankful for the effort DMG is taking to make them better people. She said she is where she is because of them.

    Veronica Morwagae

  • I joined DMG at the end of March 2011 as a Zoner. As a self-motivated achiever I geared myself for all the challenges that could be associated with my new job.

    I easily fitted into the system since I was not new in the field as I had worked as a RICA agent under SmartCall for more than a year.

    It came as no surprise when I emerged on my first month as the top Zoner with a record breaking figure of 350 simcard activations. My airtime sales on the first month was not bad either as I managed to bank R18900. This made me earn the highest salary ever realised by any Zoner. Since then, figures of my sim activations and airtime sales have continued to rise.

    Since I became a Zoner I have set high standards on sim connections of which every commited   Zoner is still trying to achieve.

    Management quickly realised my potential and invited me and another Zoner, Nickodimus Ndlovu to a general lecture meeting to share ideas with ZMS from across the country.

    I am also proud to be one of the top Zoners recently selected to partake in a Capetown exercise to help underachievers there.

    My outstanding performance has not gone unnoticed by my employers as I have received a number of tangible accolades.

    Adolf Jamela

  • DMG has taught me a lot of things, equipped with confidence, when I started working for DMG (since October 2009) I have shown improvement in communicating with people, giving service to all customers. Also improved on my customer service skills, convincing customers to choose MTN, rather than other networks. Giving information to all uninformed clients about what MTN offers.

    Molatelo Maruma

  • I joined DMG this year in February. They are quite number of things that I achieved which include interacting with different people and having the opportunity to travel to cap town, which gave me a stepping stone to explore my life. Thanks to this company it has made me financial stable ti my income of living, and being able to manage my self in terms of business and personal life. Thanks again on the issue of giving prizes to those who have achieved better in scale which motivate others. I thank you DMG for all you done to me and I will always be committed to you and my job.

    Barnabas Manson

What brand on the move has done for us

This initiative has been progressive and hugely encouraging for DMG. We, together with MTN have created a large number of jobs in rural and disadvantaged communities and many people have benefited from this project. The lives of these people, who have become personalised to DMG, have changed and it encourages us to work harder to uplift and create a better life for even more people in the years to come.

MTN have introduced this initiative and have brought communities and families together by way of offering an affordable, easy accessible way of bringing communication to the people. DMG are proud to be associated with this project.

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Contact Us

Postal Address

P.O BOX 131394,

Telephone: 010 591 3200
Fax: 086 539 7645

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